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Professional Indemnity Insurance

The first thing that strikes you upon landing on is the honesty and integrity of the site. The many years of experience shared between the key people in the company gives you faith you're dealing with a professional body.

Most people starting up a new business have an inkling that they might need professional indemnity insurance, but for various reasons they put off the decision to take it up. explains the dilemma very well, in a way that many new business owners will identify with. Being too busy, or confused by the many different companies and options are amongst the top reasons for delaying making that critical insurance decision. Here's a site that unravels the difficulties for you, with plenty of information and a simple process to get an online, telephone or email quote. The 0845 number even states the call charges and the offer of a call-back is available to make the process of dealing with The PII Hub as smooth as possible.

Insurance can be a very dry area, but adds a little spice to the bare facts by giving true examples of what can go wrong for those who fail to take out professional indemnity insurance. This isn't to frighten, but to inform and to entertain you a little too. The case studies quoted relate to various business situations in various walks of life, illustrating the worst case scenarios that have happened to others and could happen to you! This is enough to make the indecisive turn a shade of pale, realising how important getting indemnity cover really is!

With your mind made up to take the next step with the PII Hub, the various pages of the website provide more reassuring and concrete information about the company. There's a comprehensive 'About us' page, covering all the legal and compliance issues, such as confirming the company's a member of the British Insurance Brokers association working within a strict compliance framework in an ever changing market place. You would be worried if an insurance website didn't have a terms of use and disclaimer page, but this site has it covered, leaving you in no doubt that the information you supply with your enquiry will be treated with professionalism, confidentiality and top priority.

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